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Both prayed to the same God
Religion and Faith in the American Civil War

(Lexington, 2007)

The following Appendix is a random, scattered “snapshot” of the denominational affiliations of some prominent Civil War figures, drawn from the comments of historians and authors who have written about them. These reflections are the result of “incidental information” discovered while researching this book.

However, in no way do I wish to represent this as a meticulously researched or thorough in-depth and accurate analysis of these individual religious affiliations. The people selected here were purely the result of my personal choice and/or material available to me at the time. Occasionally the religious records conflicted, while others were silent about religion, with some information simply being unavailable. I chose to enclose this Appendix purely because I found this information rather fascinating and informative, it adds an interesting and relevant element to this book, and on the whole it simply is kind of nice to know!

Finally, there is one note about sources used for this Appendix. The predominant source for Confederate religious affiliation is Jon Wakelyn’s short several page listing in his Biographical Dictionary of the Confederacy. Because this reference is so often referred to, I chose not to repeatedly cite it as a formal endnote but only as a one-word reference after the individual’s religious affiliation.

I also heartily welcome additional insights, comments and information by those who may have access to further accurate specific data on religious affiliation. Enjoy!!

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